Wolf MoonThe Wolf Moon is an old name for the first full moon in January, maybe coming from a time long ago when we listened to hungry wolf packs howling outside our villages. One way we conquered our fear of a mysterious and terrifying world was to invoke that which we most feared.  The idea was to bring these entities into our midst in a safe environment, so that we could understand them, and maybe even talk with them.  Ritual invocation allowed us to find out what was expected of us, so we could live in harmony with the world and avoid angering the powerful entities we share it with.

Now, when the howl of the wolf is rarely heard, and most believe the world is not so very mysterious, I think we can still benefit from these old practices. Invoking the spirit of Wolf while standing under the Wolf Moon can be a powerful experience, and though we no longer fear the wolf pack, there is much we can learn from them.

What is a Ritual Invocation?

At the very least, it is a way to feel closer to deity and affirm our beliefs. At most, it can be an experience that you can’t really explain. Ritual invocation typically follows the same pattern, regardless of what we are invoking.

  • Create a safe space and clear your mind.
  • Invite the entity into yourself.
  • Speak as the invoked, with declarations and charges.
  • Release the entity from yourself.
  • Thank the entity, committing to keep its charges.

What is Wolf all about?

Free Spirit: Express who you are; Embrace solitude.

Community: Revel in the love of friends and family; Align with others for great success.

Finding your Way: With heightened senses and intuition, never get lost; With stamina and perseverance, never give up.

So… Wolf will help us balance individuality with society, and wolf will help us find our path, and travel that path no matter how difficult.


Find a safe, private space where you can do this without feeling self conscious.  If you will do this in a group, make sure it is a group you feel very comfortable with. If the space is outdoors under the moon, all the better, but indoors is fine, too.

Take a moment before you begin and draw or walk a circle around your space.  As you draw or walk, imagine the circle as an outer wall that blocks out anything you do not invite to cross it.  Keep that barrier in mind as you perform your ritual, pushing thoughts of your life outside the circle away during the ritual. Your circle is your sanctuary.

Invoking the Wolf

Arms Crossed – Invite the Wolf

Spirit of the Wolf, You are the pack and You are alone. In the dark of night, You walk the hills, singing your lonely song to the Moon, filling us with your solitude. I ask You, O Great One, to honor me by joining with me, and allowing me to feel Your presence within my heart.

Feet apart, arms raised, open for the Wolf’s spirit to flow into you – Speak as the Wolf

I am the Hunter, the One who stalks, the One who howls. I am the scent in the air, the heat of pursuit, the flash of white teeth, the blood on the gound.

Spread your arms and feel the wolf stretch within you, lean, strong, feral – Speak as the Wolf

Honor me this night of the Full Moon in lonely vigil! Remember that I am strong in my own  company, alone. I am the strength to stand apart!

Honor me by sharing your heart! Remember that the pack makes us strong, that love and trust is our world. We have been together since the moment we were created.

Honor Me as you hunt, for I am the Wolf! Honor me as you marvel, for I am the Pup! Honor me as you gain wisdom, for I am the Eternal.

Let there be balance and strength, wisdom and community, intuition and courage within you. If you need Me, call upon Me and I shall come to you, for I am within you, always.

Hug your arms to yourself and feel the power of the Wolf within you – Speak as the Wolf

I run through the rolling hills, I howl from the moon soaked spires, I hunt under the mighty trees of the forests, and I watch with exhilaration as Life races forward.

Be true to Me, honoring that which I am, and I shall be true to you in return.

Relax your arms and take a deep breath, releasing the Wolf as you breath out. – Thank the Wolf

Spirit of the Wolf, You have shared your presence, and I still feel your loneliness and your strength in my heart.

I will be true to you, embracing solitude, reveling in love, and following my true path. I thank you for sharing these virtues with me tonight.

With harm to none, so it shall be.

What now?

Take a moment after you finish to release or unwind your circle by erasing it, or walking it in the opposite direction, letting thoughts of grocery lists and oil changes back in.  Also, have a snack.  Few things bring you back to earth more than a nice piece of cake and a glass of milk.

Now, wherever life takes you and however things are there, just reach down deep into your heart and you will feel the wolf there, helping you find your way.

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    1. That makes me very happy. We had planned on it tonight for the Church, but with folks traveling so far for it, we had to cancel for the treacherous weather. Thanks!

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