So, who am I?

Born in South Carolina long ago, I am now many things; I am a photographer, programmer, maker, blogger, poet, father, son, brother, husband, ritualist, writer, friend and enemy. My love of photography began on trips for a small software company based in exotic Fuquay Varina, North Carolina. Taking a 35mm film camera on month long trips to far flung locations like Australia, Western Europe, South America and Ohio, I began shooting just to capture memories.

Since then much has changed. Of course, everything is now digital. More importantly, though, a few simple questions have begun to emerge in my photography, and in my life in general. What do those around me think, how do they feel, what do they want?

What is Animism?

Animism is the belief that all things have a spark, and therefore have some level of consciousness, which comes with desires, choices, and responsibilities. When you have fully incorporated this belief into your world view, it brings with it real respect for nature and a sense of our humble place in the universe. It results in Practical Animism.

What is this blog about?

(Warning: Pompous literary reference follows) One of my favorite works is Plato’s Republic, and I think the best bit is the Allegory of the Cave.  I really like the concept that all we see are shadows that only hint at what might be real. So our world is illuminated by shadows, shadows cast by an elusive reality.

Illusive Shadows is a project in poetry, prose and photography that assumes that everything around me, people, animals, objects and ideas, all have a soul, have thoughts and intent, will and desire. This blog is part of that project.

What will you find here?

Amidst the mumblings and mutterings, scattered between the rants and sewn into the incessant whining on this blog, you may find accidental nuggets of profound wisdom.  I apologize for that.  I do hope it at least helps pass the time.

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